Centre for Nordic Otherwise

︎︎︎ Copenhagen, DK



Knocking on doors and making warm connections Applying for arts and culture funding to launch the Centre




“Tactics for Weaving Community via Traditional Basketweaving”

Facilitator: Guest from University of Gothenburg
January 9, 2025

 Talk & Screening 

“Let’s watch ‘Art is Labor’ Panel, 2017”

Video published by: Get Artists Paid (GAP) x MAMI
December 18, 2024



“Loitering and Twirling: Black Resistance Practices”

Facilitator: Speaker from Michigan, United States
December 19, 2024

 Reading Group 

“Rituals in Art Practice”

Facilitator: Center for Nordic Otherwise
December 12, 2024


Launch workshop: “Introduction to Center for Nordic Otherwise”

Facilitator: Center for Nordic Otherwise
September 6, 2024

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